So...What is this For?

Okay, so if you're reading this you're probably wondering what the heck I'll even do on here. I created this blog as an outlet for opinions, reviews, graphics, contests, and more. As more and more people read this blog, it will become much more interesting. Here are some of the things we'll do here:

  • Review books. I give a 1-10 score and a detailed review of books, published and unpublished. Sometimes, I won't review the entire book if it bores me or if I have enough information to make an informative review. Do you have a book, published online, that I can read for free? I'll do 'most anything.
  • Give random tidbits of advice: I have gathered some ideas of plot, character, and all that good stuff from my literary travels, and if you are willing to listen I happily will pass it on. 
  • Do fun contests and writing prompts: the more people who read this, the more I'll do it.
  • Give a random word of the week, along with the article of the week which will link to informative, important internet articles. 
Sound good?


I hope you enjoy reading as much as I'm sure I'll enjoy writing.


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